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Slots That Pay Real Money in 2023

The online casino slots that pay real money guarantee your ultimate gambling satisfactions. Here is why you need to try them!

Do you like playing online casino games? Do you consider yourself lucky? Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn money while doing the most enjoyable activity for you? 

If your answer is yes to all of the questions, then you are in the right place. 

Real money slots are your way to the luxurious life you seek. So, to show you your path clearly, let me explain what real money slot machines are. 

slots that pay real money

In this post, we will also discuss how to play slots that pay real money effectively. And will mention legit, the best payout online casino platforms with some of the best picks in slots.

Without further ado, let’s explain the real money slots concept.

Slots that pay real money: What are they?

Before jumping into any platform and blindly playing any slots, you must know what slots that pay real money are. Because this is an opportunity you must take if you want to have real fun while getting rich.

So, real money slot machines are the ones that allow you to convert your winnings into money. Most of the time, they can have a demo or free versions. However, while playing free versions, you cannot cash out your wins. 

If you want to play real money slots, first, you must find a legit online casino that offers fast and real payouts. And have a variety of slots with high return-to-player rates and volatility. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to search alone. Below we will provide some of the best platforms that give you a chance to play the most cutting-edge games and win real money. 

And if you don’t find your favorite online casino, check out the article on how to start a gambling business in 7 steps.

But for now, let’s explain how to play slots that pay real money.

Once you find a legit online casino, you must make an account. Registering on the platform gives you a gambler’s profile with a wallet. And most importantly, numerous bonuses and promotions become available for you.

Remember, to help you gamble in real money slot machines, platforms give you free playing opportunities. 

That means that even during registration, you will most likely obtain a sign-up bonus. And while spending your free credits, you are able to win real money.

However, be ready that you will make deposits. Because you can not cash out your winnings without verifying your account. And for that, you need to make an initial deposit.

Now, let’s talk about some of the basic strategies that help you win in slots.

Slots that pay real money: How to play them effectively?

slots that pay real money

To win slots that pay real money, there are no general strategies. The best thing that helps you win is your luck.

However, for more effective gameplay, you can apply those several rules to your playing strategy:

  • Make a budget and stick to it. Before starting to play, make a budget that you can afford to spend. If you will reach the mark and lose all the money, at this point, it’s better if you stop playing.
  • Choose the right betting strategy. For example, if you bet the same amounts on each spin, then there is a low risk of spending too much of your budget.
  • Don’t place minimum bets. If you want to win big cash prizes, then you must be ready to make bigger wages. Remember, only the high bets can bring high wins!
  • Choose real money slot machines according to your expectations. For example, choose the games with low – medium volatility if you want to enjoy frequent wins. Those games allow you to win small amounts very often. 

However, if you prefer to land a bigger win, you must choose highly volatile games. In these games, you must wait before landing on a winning combination. But those wins are life-changing.

  • Play progressive jackpot slots. Even though being one lucky winner amongst millions sounds unrealistically good, it is still possible. So, why not give yourself a chance to become really rich?
  • Always choose slots that have high RTPs. That feature ensures you take the maximum out of your winnings at home.  

For even more advice for effective gameplay, check the ultimate guide on how to play slot machines.

What are the best real money slots?

Lion Dance

There are some of the best slots that pay real money you can play. And the first one is Lion Dance. 

The game has 5 reels and 40 paylines. On each payline, you can bet anywhere from 0.075 to 7.500 coins. And wait for the highest possible win worth 25.000.000 coins!

The Lion Dance has an Asian theme. There, with some regular icons, you will see culture-inspired symbols, which include high-paying lions, wilds, and wild multipliers.

The game allows you to win up to 15 free spins with the right combinations. And when using them, multiply your winnings to the maximum.


Pirate-themed slot games are very common in the gambling market. So, if you plan to play one, you must try the Pirates.

The game has a normal layout of 5 reels and 3 rows. When playing, you can activate up to 25 paylines. 

The game theme-related icons include scatter and wild symbols. The last one substitutes any other symbols except scatter and finishes winning combinations. And the scatter symbol triggers free spins. 

During the free spins round in this real money slots game, you are able to trigger even more free spins. Or land on multipliers which will increase your winnings to the maximum.

Happy Duck

Another amazing slots that pay real money is the Happy Duck. The game has a duck theme and a great opportunity to win a massive jackpot. 

Happy Duck has 5 reels and 20 paylines. When playing, you can activate each payline and bet anywhere from 0.1 to 500 coins. 

When wagering the maximum, you can expect huge wins too. The maximum payout you can receive from the game is 10.000x of your total bet. So, as you see, one lucky spin can change your life!

The game has unique features too. There you encounter scatters, wilds, multipliers, and free spins. 

Eye of Horus

One of the best real money slots you can play is the Eye of Horus. The game will meet your expectations if you love to see some Ancient-Egyptian-themed symbols and backgrounds while spinning reels.

The Eye of Horus has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. On each line, you can bet anywhere from 0.1 to 100 coins. And hope for the maximum payout equal to 1.000.000 coins!

The RTP of this fantastic game is 96.3%, and the volatility is medium. So with unique features, you must be ready to face massive wins as well!

God Of Fortune

Another amazing Azian-themed slots that pay real money is the God of Fortune. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 ways of winning. So, get ready to win fortune while spinning the reels.

The God of Fortune’s volatility is medium, and the RTP is 96.08%. On per spin, you can bet anywhere from 044 to 440 coins. And wait for the maximum win, which is equal to $532.950.

When playing on the God of Fortune real money slot machines, you see some unique icons that include wild and scatters. The last one allows you to activate free spins and win even more while playing for free!

Which casinos offer real money slots?

slots that pay real money

Several online casinos offer slots that pay real money. And one of the best ones to choose is River Monster casino. 

To make an account, you must register on BitBetWin and choose River Monster as your main gambling platform. With that, you will gain access to all of the games and promotions that the platforms have to offer.


So, if you are ready to play slots that pay real money and win lots of cash, register now, get your bonuses, and start winning!


What slots pay out real money?

There are many slots that pay real money. You can find some of the best ones above in the article. 

Which online slots have the best payout?

slots that pay real money

You must look into their features to find the best payout for real money slots. If the slot is higher than 96% of RTP, it has excellent payout opportunities.

Regarding payouts, some of the best real money slot machines are the Eye of Horus and the God of Fortune.

Can I win real money on Slotomania?

No. Slotomania offers free online casino games. You don’t pay any money when playing them, so you don’t get real money winnings either.

To win real money prizes, you must register on a real money online casino, such as RiverMonster or BitBetWin.

In what states can you play online slots for real money?

6 US states legalize playing online casino slots that pay real money. These are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Delaware. 

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